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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Smurfs

The Smurfs

Meet the Smurfs at The Smurfs & Co
Some background info on the smurfs that join your town and if you like this post share it with your friends.

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is the village chief. He turned 542 years old last spring. You’ll recognize him by his white beard and red clothes. He’s a wise old Smurf, who tries as much as he can to stop the Smurfs acting like humans. Being an experienced alchemist, he often saves the Smurfs from danger using his knowledge.
Brainy Smurf

The only Smurf to take everything seriously! Brainy Smurf spends his time preaching to others, mumbling old quotations. Whatever Papa Smurf says is, for him, absolutely sacred. And he’s a notorious tattle-tale, something that earns a regular bang of a mallet on the head. Even though his friends like him, they think he can be a real pain in the Smurf occasionally!
Grouchy Smurf

No matter what you say or suggest,Grouchy Smurf will be against it on principle. From his corner, he interrupts the other with systematically negative comments such as: “Me, I don’t like…” On the face of it, you’d think he likes no one or anything. But some suspect that deep down, he has a heart of gold.
Jokey Smurf

Jokey Smurf  just lives for playing jokes. He offers gifts that explode in the faces of those that are silly enough to accept them. And that’s just one of his countless pranks. The Smurfs get a bit mad at him, but deep down forgive him this little fault , particularly when one of his jokes backfires. Then it’s their turn to laugh at him.


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